The princes dragon saves the day.

Once upon a time there was a castle made of the purest gold, in this castle there lived his majesty the King, his wife the Queen and their daughter the Princess.

One night the King, Queen and Princess were out at a royal banquet, when they returned home the princess changed her clothes and settled in for bed

As she lay asleep she was taken captive by the wicked sorcerer who plotted to keep her as his prisoner, take over the kingdom and rule the land, so he fled away with her to his dungeon and locked her there.

Help me!
Help me! The princess shouted

The Princess was cold and afraid and pleaded with the sorcerer to let her go, the sorcerer looked at the princess and laughed, “no one can hear you down here!” as he angrily slammed the dungeon doors and left the princess in the dark.

The sorcerer did not know that the knights of the castle saw him and followed him, when he saw them he shouted in anger and cast a spell that stopped them in their tracks.

Then One day a prince who heard the news of the princess being taken away was riding his horse when he heard a cry for help.

Help me!….. the princess cried out

The prince had a magical ring that could summon for his dragon whenever need be, so the brave prince stretched his ring to the skies and his fierce mighty dragon made haste and came to his masters aide.

The prince commanded his dragon to take a big deep breath and melt the bars to set the princess free.

The sorcerer heard the commotion and came to see what was happening, when he saw the dragon he became afraid! the mighty dragon took another deep breath and with all his might blew the horrible sorcerer far far away.

Princess, your parents are worried about you, come with me, you’re safe now.

Thank you for saving me exclaimed the princess❤

The Prince pointed his ring to the dragon and commanded his dragon to return home then he placed the princess with him upon his horse and they made their way back to the princess’s home, the castle.

The King and Queen were overjoyed to see their daughter return back home safely

the princess told her parents of how brave the prince and his dragon were, In honor of the prince and his mighty dragon being so valiant they rewarded him and his dragon a position in the castle, the dragon became the guardian of the castle and the king and Queen also gave the Prince a bag of gold and invited the young prince to dine with them

The King stepped forward and thanked the Prince for all that he and his dragon did for their daughter, the young prince bowed to the king then looked up with a smile as to say you’re welcome and from that day on they all lived happily ever after.

The Piano man

The stadium was packed with people, lights and music filled the air that night and there on his grand piano sat Mr. Jenkins.

The room was warm and vibrant, so full of love and smiles, that night Mr. Jenkins should have been happy to but instead all his happiness had been gone.

Mr Jenkins was old in age and his fingers had overtime become frail, his piano was a gift that was to be passed down but Mr. Jenkins had no one to pass it down to because he did not have children.

As he played in that packed stadium that night, he had a memory of once being told that the veins in our forefinger lead straight to our hearts. As the evening progressed he could smell a familiar smell, one he knew all to well and it made him smile.

It was her and he knew it, he could somehow feel her presence beside him just as he had felt it years ago, he smelled her rosy perfume just like he had the day that they got married.

Then the sadness returned as he recalled seeing her in the hospital bed knowing that it was his last time with her, she was his wife and best friend but he didn’t know what to say because he knew that dementia had taken over and she had no clue who he was anymore.

With tears in her eyes and a hushed voice she looked up at him and asked, Who are you? Your husband was his reply as he tried not to cry,

He wanted to get up so she wouldn’t see the tears in his eyes but he knew that she would would soon be leaving him, As her eyes slowly closed he knew that the time had come, as he watched her take her last breath, he leaned in and gave her one last kiss as she parted from life

As he continued to play that night he felt overwhelmed and there were moments where he wanted to part from the crowd but he instead continued on, he found that playing his piano was a comfort from the pain

As he snapped back to reality he could hear the applause of the people which made his ears ring, it sounded like bombs hitting the floor, he knew then that he could not keep going, he thought, what’s the point? Let me just end it and let it all be over but then he heard a voice say:

“Keep going, don’t give up, the storm will pass and the sun will shine again”

As he stood there overwhelmed with sadness and tears, Mr. Jenkins wanted to leave to get away from the crowd but he knew that he could not leave the night undone, he knew that night would be his final curtain call.

It will be over soon, he thought to himself. Mr. Jenkins closed his eyes as his fingers played the song that he knew so well, he beganto relax, he felt at ease, his sadness began to go away, As his eyes remained closed, in that moment in that stadium Mr Jenkins felt like It was just him and the sound of his Piano

He was at peace

The enchanted forest

Once upon a time In the far away land of the fairies there stood an enchanted forest

In this forest there lived a gnome named Marlo Sprokett, one windy day as marlo was on his way to his family’s house there came a strong gust of wind that blew him off of his feet, poor marlo ended up in a part of the forest that he had never seen before, as marlo got back on his feet he looked around to see if there was anyone there who could help him find his way back home.

As marlo continued to walk he met a dwarf named Oliver Budwick but he did not yet know that oliver B was the evil dwarf of the forest.

The fairy princess sensed trouble in the land so she showed up and tried to warn marlo the gnome that he should be careful of Oliver, but it was to late, the fairy tried her best to get to marlo but she could not do so without being seen and attacked by Oliver.

The fairy came up with an idea all her own to use her magical wand to transform into a young dwarf so that she could safely approach marlo and warn him of the danger, So she dawned herself as a young dwarf and made her way to marlo and warned him, she told him to follow her to safety, Once marlo and the fairy princess were out of sight oliver the dwarf noticed that he had been tricked, he became very angry and went searching for marlo and the fairy princess, after a while he happened to find them trying to hide between with the bushes.

The fairy told marlo to find and climb the first tall tree that he saw and hide there, but marlo became fearful that the evil dwarf oliver would somehow attack the fairy princess and harm her so he climbed back down the tree to stay close to the fairy princess

Marlo the gnome saw oliver from a distance and decided to sneak up on him, when he got close enough to him he grabbed him from behind, Oliver the dwarf looked back to see who grabbed him but when he looked he saw that nobody was there.

Oliver the dwarf became confused and scared so he took off running back into the forest. The fairy princess and marlo the gnome smiled because they were now safe from Oliver the dwarf, The fairy princess swooped down and told marlo the gnome how proud she was of him and that he had done a really good job. The fairy princess then invited marlo the gnome back to her house to celebrate with her and all the other magical creatures of the forest.

After their celebration she assured him that she would stay with him and help him find his way back home.


Life is precious

We turn on the news or the radio or pick up a magazine and often in the headlines we hear so much bad news about who got shot, or murdered or the ever so popular stories of babies being locked in hot cars because they were forgotten by their parents, all these stories that cause us to be upset and outraged, but, how many of us in the midst of all these stories stop and think man as crazy as all of it is, it goes to show how short and precious life is?

I often say “Every day that we wake up is a gift,” and the moments we share with friends, loved ones, our parents and children be cherished because those are moments we may never see again.

Sometimes we get so busy, so caught up in life that we don’t get to stop and smell the roses, we miss out on the little things or the moment’s that really make for great memories.

How many of us are guilty of saying things like: Once I’ve gotten through college then I can breathe? Or once I get into my career then I can relax? Or once I get the money for a new house/car then I can relax?

Our mental state is such a peculiar thing sometimes because we say once I do this or once I do that, but after its almost accomplished or once we have arrived then here goes our mind shooting off to it’s next destination meanwhile still missing all these life moments.

We don’t take the time to appreciate the present, instead we live in the fantasy of a future that might not even happen, these fantasies and future plans that could never bring us as much joy and happiness as stopping to see what’s right in front of us.

We should make it up in our minds to start living, like truly living and let life show us those magical moments, those unbelievable moments that we never would have or could have imagined.

Today I encourage you to let life just manifest itself, take several moments to look up and look out at the beauty of things, don’t let life and the special times just pass you by.

Life and every moment of it is indeed precious and I pray it brings complete happiness, unforgettable moments and fullness of joy.

The wolfman in the woods

Annabelle loved the autumn because she loved the cooler weather, she loved seeing the leaves fall from the trees, she enjoyed, seeing how the leaves change colors, she enjoyed playing in the piles of leaves that would make their way to the ground. 

When the weekends came Annabelle would go for walks in the woods, she enjoyed the enchantment and mystery of the woods, she loved listening to the wind blowing through the trees, sometimes she wondered if divinely the woods spoke to her, but, sometimes while on her walks Annabelle felt that she was not alone.

Often times while walking alone in the woods Annabelle felt as though she was being watched, it was as though she could feel him, as if the eyes that were staring at her were right there hiding in the bushes or behind a tree, she felt this stranger lurk at her while thinking that she was unaware. 

At night she would dream of this faceless man following her through her journeys in the woods, she felt as though she was the damsel in a book being followed by the wolf man with bad intentions knowing that those endings were never good, annabelle often found herself waking up in the middle of the night crying and afraid.

It has been weeks since she last saw this stranger, by now there is snow on the ground and there was a chill in the air, one day as she was again on her journey in the woods, out of the corner of her eyes she saw this shadowy figure, it looked like someone or something had moved between the bushes, she could hear the leaves moving, as she tried to stay calm she wondered if she was imagining things or if there really was someone there.

For the next few weeks Annabelle  promised herself that she would be extra careful while she was out in the woods, she told herself that she would stick to the main path, while there she tried to tell herself that she was safe.

The following weekend she returned, the stranger was there, it was indeed the wolfman waiting and watching her between the trees, his eyes were like stone and he was expressionless and cold, As she spots him she takes off screaming and running as fast as she could through the path back home from the woods, as she makes her way into the house her parents look at her in shock, she runs straight to her bedroom and shuts the door.

That night while asleep Annabelle again dreams of this wolf man, In her dream he had long claws that touched her hair and face, he grabed her by the hand and dragged her away to his underground layer that was crawling with every creäture that she feared.
Annabelle would again wake up out of her sleep screaming and afraid, her heart pounding, her mom would run into her room to hug and comfort her

When morning came Annabelle  begged her mom to let her stay home from school, though her mom knew that nothing was ultimately wrong she agreed to let Annabelle  stay home.

It is now a week later, the wolf man has shown his face in public, he is no longer just a shadowy figure that she envisioned, the wolf man is now a reality, It was like he came out of nowhere, like he was watching her and following her every step of the way all along way.

The wolf man is an old man, he is tall and slim with gray hair and grey eyes.
As he approached Annabelle  and her mom she became silent and uncomfortable, she did her best to stay calm and  mannerable inspite of how she was feeling. As the old man was standing there she found herself quiet and helpless though the old man smiled at her.

Soon after, the old man made a comment about the weather, he mumbled to her mom that she should be mindful with her garden because anything can remain buried and hidden for months during the winter season with the snow on the ground

By this time, the night was beginning to set in and Annabelle  was ready to go, as the old man and her mom were standing there she felt as if he had hidden motives, she felt as though he was a predator with secret thoughts and that made her shudder with fear, in her mind she wondered what the old man wanted and why he was here.

One evening as annabelle was out she was followed and kidnapped by the wolf man who is the old man, he became one with and blended in with the woods, he quietly followed her and captured her, annabelle knew that it was the wolfman, she now knew his true intentions, she saw him clearly with his hand in his pocket suddenly grab his knife out of his army fatigue jacket and start to stab her over and over again, the last thing she saw was her blood now all over the snow as she lay lifeless and dying on the ground.

darkness has taken over and everything is still.

As her body lay lifeless on the cold snowy ground, the wolf man hovers over her, her spirit now out of her body and watching as he waves the knife over her, she tries to tell him to stop but there is no sound

Tonight Annabelle will not return home, when her parents realize that she is missing they will go out searching for her but they will not find her or the wolf man or the knife because she is buried deep in the snow, she will watch them as the wolf man watched her and preyed on her, they will walk past the layer that hides her body and the bodies of the other dismantled dead girls who were taken captive and tortured and left by the long pale fingernails of the horrid wolf man

The sun rose for the last time 🌤 (Blog prompt)

We turned on the TV and heard that tomorrow would be the end, they said tomorrow the sun would rise and set on the earth for the final time, I felt as if I should have been afraid but somehow, instead I felt at peace.
I felt sadness in my heart but I accepted this fact and for the remainder of the day I did my best to bask in the beauty of the day and take in and cherish every breath, I made it my business to enjoy the scenery, to watch the birds fly by, to close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.
Eventually day turned into evening and the evening soon became night, the next morning came and I wanted to see the sun rise and set so I woke early, as the sun began to show it’s face I remember thinking how beautiful the breaking of day is and how beautifully the sun had greeted me and made it’s appearance.

I watched the skies all day because I didn’t want to miss a moment
That day, I felt and took in the warmth of the sun as it kissed my face, I embraced it because I knew I would never feel it again, as the evening began to set in I made my way to the park and found a cozy little spot to sit and watch the sun set, I wanted to see the sun go down, I wanted to see it’s beauty for myself, I wanted to see it for the last time so I sat and watched the sun set and slowly bid me goodbye for the last time and it was absolutely beautiful.

The obstacles in our path

In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway. He then hid himself and watched to see if anyone would move the boulder out of the way. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it

Many people loudly blamed the King for not keeping the roads clear, but none of them did anything about getting the stone out of the way.

A peasant then came along carrying a load of vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to push the stone out of the road. After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded.

After the peasant went back to pick up his vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been.

The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the King explaining that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway

Moral of the story:

Every obstacle we come across in life gives us an opportunity to improve our circumstances, and whilst the lazy complain, the others are creating opportunities through their kind hearts, generosity, and willingness to get things done.


Writing prompt: express whatever is on your heart.

Ok so, for a while now, this has been on my mind but I never took the time to write it down, I hope this encourages someone.

2020 has been a hell of a year so far, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the world or atleast the majority of us had no clue what we would be facing this year, Covid-19 came and as each month came and went it was like one thing after another.
In this pandemic many lost family, friends and loved ones, many lost their jobs, their homes and struggled to feed their families, this year for many people has been like a horrible nightmare or a hellish rollercoaster ride that has yet to end, but, inspite of it all, with tears in our eyes, feeling burdened and stressed out I have seen and still see people pushing and fighting and pressing on, I know there are those who have cried silent tears, I know there are those who wanted to completely give up and it took everything and is still taking everything to find the strength to keep going, let me just let all of you know that I salute you and I am proud of you.

Your strength, perseverance and determination believe it or not is the reason why others are still in the fight.
I know you wanna lay down and stay down but please keep moving, keep going, keep riding out this storm, in due time the sun will shine, this madness of 2020 will come to an end and you will be able to look back at it and wonder how you made it over, you will look back at it and see the resilience that you never thought you had.
Please know that you are not alone, I am praying for you, I am rooting for you, I am here just to encourage your hearts, I may be one person but I’m that person that believes in you because I know that it’s in you to continue on. ❣❣❣

Remembering 9/11

19 years ago today the world stood still, we all somehow witnessed. Saw first hand or heard of the devastation of the twin towers being hit head on one after the other that morning by Hijackers who carried out a suicide attack against the people of the USA.

I remember, on the 1st anniversary someone asked, where was I when it happened? I remember exactly where I was, I was at home asleep because I didn’t feel good, I should have been in school that day.
I remembered being woken up by a loud banging on my front door that caused me to jump out of my sleep, when I opened the door it was my cousin, she looked at me and says, did you hear? Do you know what’s going on?. I asked her what in the world she was talking about? She said Turn on the news, so we went to my room, I turned on the news and there on ALL Channels was coverage of the twin towers being hit, people in the building screaming and crying for their lives, cops and EMT’s, and firefighters doing their best to help, bystanders who were injured still trying to help! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, at that moment I sat there and just cried, for the rest of that day I remember not being able to take my eyes off the news, channel to channel, all networks interrupted their evening shows to bring moment by moment coverage.

It’s 19 years later and there are many who still live with the hurt, the pain, the loss, the internal and emotional scars of that day and will continue to do so in mind and In body.
September 11th from that day forward would never be looked at the same, this day has become a day to reflect and remember. Let us remember those whose lives were stolen from us, let us remember our first responders who put their lives on the line, let us remember those families who held their breath hoping to hear from other family members who worked in the towers, let us remember the ones who lost friends and loved ones that day,

9/11, the twin towers, which became ground zero then rightly renamed the freedom towers. 🇺🇸 I personally will never forget.

To those who were on the front line that day, I salute you, to those who suffered loss, I pray continued peace will cover you and go with you from day to day.

Today let us do well to hold tight to our loved ones and not take them for granted. Today let us have compassion and mercy for others because we don’t know the everyday battles and struggles that people face, and lastly Let today be a cry to reject any and all who try to divide our great nation, let us open our ears, hearts and minds to those who desire to unite us as one nation under God in our shared humanity.

Blessings to you all…. #LetUsNeverForget

About.. me

Originally I placed this in my pages section but I figured maybe I should blog it just to let you guys know a little about me. Hope you enjoy.

Hey, so welcome to my about me/home page, I’m not really big on these kinds of pages because I am not one to talk about myself BUT, I will try so, here goes.

I consider myself a very positive, outgoing person, I enjoy taking time time to look at the stars at night and smell the Rose’s during the day, I enjoy reading books or articles, I also enjoy cooking. I am a thinker and I’m also good at listening, I love listening to the sound of the rain, I love it when the leaves change color in the fall, I was born in the summer but I don’t quite enjoy the heat, I love when Autumn comes, I love being able to wear cute jackets and hats, I love the crisp breeze of a fall day. I appreciate a good laugh and a delicious meal and i love nature and I like being able to put a smile on people’s faces.

Growing up I really wanted to be a lawyer so my mom decided that when I hit highschool she would send me to an all Law highschool. Well, she did and it all went downhill from there 😀😀😀.
I fell in love with people so I worked in customer service the majority of my life and today here I am working with the elderly and disabled and I find it to be so rewarding, though I’m older and it’s a bit late in life, my dream is to become an LPN and show my daughter’s that no matter how old you are in life you can accomplish any goal that you set your heart/mind to.

Well, this was a short introduction of myself, if you didn’t find this Boring then I do hope to see, hear from you guys soon

❤ Peace and blessings to you all ❤