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Sharing my thoughts. … Let the love that you give be without merit or without warrant. It is my prayer that we will choose to be love and show love and let the love of of the heavenly Father be seen through us.

An open letter to the dad who walked out on me.

Subtitle: Dear Dad

From: Your Daughter unknown to you.

Date: June 10th 2022

When I was In my Pre teen years my mom showed me a picture of you, she even had a picture of you and my brother, your son, I believe that was my first time ever laying eyes on you. You left when I was born and never looked back,, You left me as a baby, such a (Dad) thing to do, right? Anyway!!!  outside of that picture any memory of you for me is a complete blur.

I know that because you are my dad  half of my DNA comes from you. Sometimes to this day it makes me sad because I don’t know in full about who I am where It relates to you, like, where were you born? What nationality were you or are you because the truth is I don’t even know to this day if you are dead or alive.

It would be interesting to know what traits or  quirks I have from you. When I was younger I remember having this habit of rubbing my fingers together rather quickly after I had potato chips or anything with crumbs just to get the crumbs off of my hands, my mom would often look at me (not always with a smile) and say your father did it the same way! So I guess it’s apparent that I got that from you. When I look back into my memory I see how much i look like you, I wonder if there are things we have in common.

As I got older in life I began to have questions but I never wanted to ask my mom because they were questions that needed to be answered by you, like, why did you leave? Did you leave because I was born? Did you not want me? You stayed with my brother for 2 whole years and then I was born and you left, why? Why did you never try to find me? In a world of ever advancing technology Why did you never try to find me?

They say, every girl needs her dad, I find that to be such a true saying, I guess it would have been nice to meet you in life, whatever happened between you and my mom was between the two of you but you left and never had a hand in raising me, your loss! You missed out on my first job, my first relationship, my first solo, mom was there for all of those, she picked up the slack and I will forever be grateful for her strength, her integrity, her love, for discipline, for raising me the best way she knew how.

I’m 39 years old Dad, I’ll be 40 in July, I never thought that I would find myself sitting and writing a Dear Dad letter but here I am.

Why write this letter after all these years? I’m not for certain but I feel as though this is my life’s closure where you are concerned, I feel like you were a coward, not because you left but because you never looked back, every child deserves the love of their parents but you were selfish. A part of me feels like I deserve to know why you didn’t care enough to be in our lives, the step Father I had growing up was…. Just there, he was no dad, no father figure at all.

My mom passed away years ago, she took a lot to the grave with her, there were questions I never gor to ask about you, the only family I knew and know to this dad is my mom, my brother and then my step fathers side of his family, I have no idea who I am or where I come from. 

I have 3 beautiful children who may never know their whole genealogy because I DON’T have a clue about who I am on my moms side or yours so how are they supposed to know, there’s not a day that goes by that the thought of that doesn’t make my heart sad.

Growing up it was just my mom, my brother and I for the most part, I can say that I had a decent childhood, mommy always made sure that we were good, we didn’t have much but she saw to it that she kept a smile on our faces even in the littlest of ways.

From the day that I was born up until this very day I have been an overcomer.  Did you know that when I was born the Dr’s told mom that I wouldn’t make it past 6 weeks? Here I am though. Did you know that I’m diagnosed with spinabifidia, the Doctors said I wouldn’t walk, that turned out to be miracle to, inspite of my condition I never let it stop me, no wheel chair, no back brace no nothing, just a regular kid turned adult who made it through.

There was a poet who said “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” I can certainly agree with that, however I can say that my life is pretty good.

Where ever you went, who ever you went with, what ever happened to you after you walked out of my life, u hope you found happiness, I don’t hate you, I never did, I just still have questions. 

If the universe should ever allow for our lives to cross paths IF you are alive then I just want to know where I come from, kind of put the puzzle pieces together, ya no? I would love to fully close the chapters and the book.

Until that day comes, should it come… I will continue to hold on to Hope.

The downside of the single life

Being Single isn’t always the cup of tea that we think it should be, after a time we start to feel alone, others are out on dates and enjoying their relationship life while we may well be home on the couch watching tv.. in this blog I want to take some time to discuss the The Downside of the single life.

Impact vs influence

What is the difference between being an Impact and being an Influence

Introduction Question.

Is there a difference between being an Impact and being an Influence? If so, what is the difference?

In today’s society whether you are at work, at school, in church or even in your community, to be effective you must be able to Command the room or the people that you are around in order to leave/ make a meaningful, lasting impact on the lives of those you are around.

Did you know that there are many people whether known or unknown who do not know that there is a difference between being an influence to others versus having an impact on others? Interestingly enough both of these words are not that far off from each other, they are actually quite similar in their nature because they both deal with having some kind of effect whether it be positive or negative. Interesting right? 

so then this poses two questions:

1. what does it mean to be an influence

2. what does it mean to be an Impact?

For a moment let’s take a look at both.

What does it mean to be an influence or influential? 

Influence is the ability to persuade others without the need to exude force or being overhearing.

The next question would be 

What does it mean to be an Impact?

Impact is to leave a deep rooted meaningful impression or footprint on others as to affect their mindset.

So then influence and impact although similar they wear different hats and may produce different outcomes.

  Lets use an example as simple as childhood, whether you are mom, dad, family, a teacher, a coach, a pastor or a mentor.. being  the right kind of Influence in a child’s life can lead to making a positive Impact in their life, that child will either go on to be successful and doing big things or they fall to the wayside in life simply because of your impact on them.

This brings to light two new questions:

1. How can I be an impact?

2. How can I be an influence to others

Let’s think this through for a moment.

Do you know that the truth of the matter is that there may well already be others who look up to you and you don’t even know it?

For some, being an influence may come off as easy but for others not so much. It’s not always easy to get people to listen to what you have to say or take you seriously, sometimes you have to create and establish the foundation of a relationship, if I don’t know or like you then why should I or would I listen to you?

Taking a sincere approach to truly get to know someone is a big deal, it can create an atmosphere for progress, it can open the right doors, and allow you to sit among those who you may have never imagined… Iyanla Vinzant said (you gotta do your work)… by doing your work (making the right connections, knowing how to talk to people,  establishing positive connections and a positive atmosphere, it will all lead to a great outcome.

After you’ve done the work you can be an impact on others because you now have their trust, you can now fully command the room.. now you can bring change because you have both Impact and influence on your side which will cause people to see you in a different, positive light.

Amanda Gormon

They call her the wordsmith!!!….

Amanda Gormon was born was born and raised in Los Angeles California, she began writing at a very young age, she has become the youngest inaugural poet in the history of the USA, she is an award winning writer and a graduate of Harvard University where she studied sociology

Amanda’s poems have opened many doors for her winning her invitations to the white house as well as allowing her to stand before people such as Al-Gore and Secretary Hillary Clinton and many others, she has been on the CBS morning show and has spoken at venues and events across the country.

Susan B Anthony|Icon of the woman’s suffrage movement

Susan B. Anthony, she was an activist for slavery and became a trailblazer in the woman’s suffrage movement.

Born in 1820 in Massachusetts, she belonged to a family of Quakers, at an early age she became very aware of social and life injustices, she grew up to become a teacher and learned quickly that she was paid a fraction of what male teachers were making.

In 1848 Suan became friends with a woman named Elizaberh Candy Stanton who was also an activist, Ms. Anthony was firm and spoke out for women’s rights, she envisioned a day where women would help make the laws and not just abide by them, She envisioned a Nation that protected the rights and privileges of all Americans, regardless of skin color, sex, or any other physical characteristics.

In 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Women’s Right to Vote passed the House and Senate. The 19th Amendment became known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.

Women pioneers and historic firsts| Jennifer King..First Woman NFL coach

In 2021 Ms. Jennifer King was Hired by the Washington Redskins now known as the Washington football team, that made her the first ever woman coach and woman coach of color in NFL history! For the NFL this changes the narrative in regards to both racial and gender representation in the sports world.