To thine own self be true.

In Highschool one of the books in the curriculum for the year was Shakespeare, I HATED old English 😀 but I realized something along the way…..In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, the most powerful words spoken by Polonius before his son left to catch the boat to Paris was:

“To thine own self be true.”

Thats a quote that is so simple to say but it seems as though we live in a time when it seems like authenticity no longer exists because we let society hold all the standards. There are many who from day to day put on an act or a facade because they feel like it’s easier to be accepted that way, while there are others who have truly forgotten who they are.

It’s so important that we accept ourselves and always carry with us the scripture in (Psalms 139:14) that says:

“we are fearfully and wonderfully made”

the only thing that should matter is how we see ourselves because allowing the world to dictate our who, what, where, when, or why will surely lead to our demise. When we lose sight of who we are our Authentic self becomes compromised.

Before Steve Jobs passed away, he said:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

People these days are so easily influenced, some live as “yes men/women” they will agree to whatever people say because they don’t know their worth, or they are too afraid to see their own potential, they don’t realize that they are amazing individuals.

Each day is a new day to be open and honest with ourselves, it’s the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of those that see us for the beautiful souls that we are. It’s time to get rid of the negative thoughts and be kind to ourselves. It’s time to live in our truth, set the standard and let the world follow suite.

So I encourage you from this day forward to be uniquely you.

“To thine own self be true”

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The happy unicorn

Starfire was a happy Unicorn, she often dreamed of one day flying the skys but she hadn’t yet been given any wings until she meets and befriends the enchanted unicorn of the meadows named Philip.

Little did they know that their lives would change forever as Starfire goes on a journey to rescue Philip from the men who have captured him.

A synopsis of my newest story. This will be a two part series, be sure to stop by later on this evening at 7pm for the release of part 1 of this colorful, adventurous childrens story.

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Black history….did you know?

Today’s feature: Cathay Williams

Did you know that Cathay Williams was the one and only female Buffalo Soldier, posing as a man named William Cathay to enlist in the 38th infantry in 1866?. She served for two years before a doctor discovered that she was a woman, leading to her discharge.

Get in trouble (good trouble.)

(An open letter to all children/teens/young adults)

It was civil rights activist and icon Mr. John Lewis who made the statement:

“Get in trouble, good trouble”

You are never to young to be the change, You CAN make a difference in this life.. It does not matter how old you are, where you come from, what your skin color is or. anything like that.

Someone said: “Be the change you want to see”.

Living in this day and age/in this time it is important that you all push towards and strive to achieve that change, whether it be by way of school or everyday life, it may feel like a struggle or a tussle from time to time but it’s a must that you all push for what you believe in.

Sometimes, I sit and I wonder what life will be like for my children when they get into their adult lives, I’m not afraid to say that I am afraid simply because I look around from day to day and pay attention to the society that they are growing up in now, my hearts prayer for them is that things will be better.

Being the change may mean standing alone at times but I want you to know that the things you stand for are important, don’t EVER let anyone tell you that they are not, don’t be afraid to push for a better tomorrow.

When I lived back home in NYC some years ago there was a sign that they had posted in the subways that said: “If you see something, say something”.

No matter your age it’s important that you not be afraid to speak up and speak out
though sometimes it may seem a bit scary.

When you see something that may seem off to you, Speak up,
When you see someone doing something that you know is just plain wrong, don’t be afraid, speak up.
If you have something to say and want your voice to be heard, Speak up!

John F. Kennedy said:

“One person can make a difference. and everyone should try”.

There will always be opposition, people will try and speak over you or silence you or try and find ways to keep you from speaking at all but make sure that you always speak up!!

You all have a voice… be sure to let it be heard.

Lastly. I need you to always stand your ground and never ever give up, so long as your alive you can always be of help or assistance. Know that It’s ok to be persistent regardless of what others say, think or feel, the change you want will come in due time if you continue on in following after it.

Don’t let fear lead you to feel powerless, what you do can and will in due time have an impact on others and those who will follow behind in the generations to come

Be that ripple effect… let it start with you.

I’m going to close out the way i opened..

Get in trouble, Good trouble.

Building confidence in our children.

There’s a conversation that I OFTEN have with my 3 year old because I find it to be important, I have this conversation with her because I never want her to think less of herself. The conversation goes like this:

(Speaking to my daughter) E. repeat after me:

I am beautiful.  I am smart. I am funny. I can do anything I put my mind to. I am strong. I am loved.

Now. my daughter is only 3 years old so why would i be having this conversation with her? Well, I’ll tell you why, I realized that kids pay attention, we may not think that they see, or hear or realize what’s going on but they notice everything. I never want my daughters for a moment to think that they are unloved or unlovable or unworthy or not smart enough or not good enough.

As parents, what we say to our children has so much weight and power, How we deal with them or react towards them or respond when they need us, it all adds up and matters to them. How we talk to them and the things we say, whether it be negative or positive has the power to build or destroy their self esteem which is why it is important that we take the time to think before we speak out of anger or frustration, if you’ve had a bad day then walk away until you can think clearly and your thoughts aren’t cloudy or fuzzy.

Our relationship/bond with our kids is what causes them to love themselves, or think negatively towards themselves, We must learn to understand our children and be patient with them because it can make a world of difference, especially in the tough times for them when they may feel like they just need a listening ear but then remember that they can go to mom or dad because they can find solace there.

 We as parents and caregivers have what i like to call “the key” it’s the understanding of how to help our children in those areas of their life where they may be struggling or hurting or confused, if and when we learn to rightly harness that understanding then i believe that we can help nudge our children to become who they are meant to be in life and help to guide them all the more on the right path.

I want to refer to my 3 year old again. Sometimes i watch her and i laugh because she is often a little version of me, of the things i do, she knows mommy is always cleaning so sometimes she will see a mess and before i can get to it she will run off, get the broom and dustpan and try to sweep it up which makes me laugh because that’s how i know she pays attention.

Our children are a reflection of us whether we like it or not so it’s up to us to instill in them good values, the things they see us doing they will want to do as well because, what child at a young age doesn’t want to be like their mommy and daddy.?

I’ve come to realize that children crave our attention, they want to know that we are there for them and that we will respond to them and acknowledge them, this is what helps them to feel good and to feel loved and accepted, and safe. we must first encourage them and in turn they will be able to encourage themselves and lift themselves up when need  be,

Never falter in letting your children know that they are enough, and they are worthy and they are worth being loved, also, it’s just as important to show them these things so that they will not only hear it but see it and grab hold onto truly believing it.

When children have confidence in themselves and gain self esteem they are more able to deal with making mistakes or coming up short at times, when they have confidence it makes them less afraid to try again, it enables them to do well in school and in life and sets them on a path to who and what they want to be in life.


Parents, be sure to speak life into and over your children, love them and direct them, teach them to be their authentic self, always be their constant reminder that they can do it, let them know that if they fail it’s ok as long as they get back up and keep going.

The princes dragon.

Once upon a time there was a castle made of the purest gold, in this castle there lived his majesty the King, his wife the Queen and their daughter the Princess.

One night the King, Queen and Princess were out at a royal banquet, when they returned home the princess changed her clothes and settled in for bed

As she lay asleep she was taken captive by the wicked sorcerer who plotted to keep her as his prisoner, take over the kingdom and rule the land, so he fled away with her to his dungeon and locked her there.

Help me!
Help me! The princess shouted

The Princess was cold and afraid and pleaded with the sorcerer to let her go, the sorcerer looked at the princess and laughed, “no one can hear you down here!” as he angrily slammed the dungeon doors and left the princess in the dark.

The sorcerer did not know that the knights of the castle saw him and followed him, when he saw them he shouted in anger and cast a spell that stopped them in their tracks.

Then One day a prince who heard the news of the princess being taken away was riding his horse when he heard a cry for help.

Help me!….. the princess cried out

The prince had a magical ring that could summon for his dragon whenever need be, so the brave prince stretched his ring to the skies and his fierce mighty dragon made haste and came to his masters aide.

The prince commanded his dragon to take a big deep breath and melt the bars to set the princess free.

The sorcerer heard the commotion and came to see what was happening, when he saw the dragon he became afraid! the mighty dragon took another deep breath and with all his might blew the horrible sorcerer far far away.

Princess, your parents are worried about you, come with me, you’re safe now.

Thank you for saving me exclaimed the princess❤

The Prince pointed his ring to the dragon and commanded his dragon to return home then he placed the princess with him upon his horse and they made their way back to the princess’s home, the castle.

The King and Queen were overjoyed to see their daughter return back home safely

the princess told her parents of how brave the prince and his dragon were, In honor of the prince and his mighty dragon being so valiant they rewarded him and his dragon a position in the castle, the dragon became the guardian of the castle and the king and Queen also gave the Prince a bag of gold and invited the young prince to dine with them

The King stepped forward and thanked the Prince for all that he and his dragon did for their daughter, the young prince bowed to the king then looked up with a smile as to say you’re welcome and from that day on they all lived happily ever after.

©️ 2020 Christina Stone

“All rights reserved”