To thine own self be true.

In Highschool one of the books in the curriculum for the year was Shakespeare, I HATED old English 😀 but I realized something along the way…..In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, the most powerful words spoken by Polonius before his son left to catch the boat to Paris was:

“To thine own self be true.”

Thats a quote that is so simple to say but it seems as though we live in a time when it seems like authenticity no longer exists because we let society hold all the standards. There are many who from day to day put on an act or a facade because they feel like it’s easier to be accepted that way, while there are others who have truly forgotten who they are.

It’s so important that we accept ourselves and always carry with us the scripture in (Psalms 139:14) that says:

“we are fearfully and wonderfully made”

the only thing that should matter is how we see ourselves because allowing the world to dictate our who, what, where, when, or why will surely lead to our demise. When we lose sight of who we are our Authentic self becomes compromised.

Before Steve Jobs passed away, he said:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

People these days are so easily influenced, some live as “yes men/women” they will agree to whatever people say because they don’t know their worth, or they are too afraid to see their own potential, they don’t realize that they are amazing individuals.

Each day is a new day to be open and honest with ourselves, it’s the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of those that see us for the beautiful souls that we are. It’s time to get rid of the negative thoughts and be kind to ourselves. It’s time to live in our truth, set the standard and let the world follow suite.

So I encourage you from this day forward to be uniquely you.

“To thine own self be true”

#Be yourself #BelieveInYourself #LoveYourself #BeTrueToYou #Be Strong

The 20/40/60 Rule (From That Great Philosopher, Shirley MacLaine)

(Disclaimer: this is not my work, I found it to be interesting and wanted to share.)

At 20, you care what everyone is thinking about you. At 40, you don’t give a damn what people are thinking about you. At 60, you realize no one is thinking about you.

I recently sent this little missive around to a bunch of friends and their reactions were varied and interesting. Many thought it was funny and even cute, but some were saddened by it. I don’t quite get that. To me, it’s the best part of getting older. You have a much better sense of reality and are able to deal with the real world far better than you can in your 20s.

In your 20s, you are totally paranoid and know for sure that everyone is smarter than you. Better schools and better grades mean they must be smarter, right? Not so fast. As you gain experience, (a PR word for “age”), you realize that not everyone is smarter than you are about everything. That, in fact, you are smarter than your contemporaries in a certain number of skills—whether it is writing, speaking, street smarts, selling ideas or creating ideas. If you’re an entrepreneur, you quickly learn to hire people far smarter than you — because if you’re the smartest person in the room, you lose.

Another thing you learn is that life truly is random. You can plan for weeks on end, only to see things change in a heartbeat because of situations that are out of your control. So focus on what you can control and let the rest play out. You’ll have a much more enjoyable life, and probably a more successful one as well.

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Relationships are no longer what they used to be.

My mom married my step-dad when I was really young, TRUTH IS, I never took to him, to me he was like bad glue, he just didn’t rub off the right way, I just didn’t get along with him BUTTTTT it wasn’t about me it was about THEM…. one thing I can say for sure is that come what may they MADE IT WORK!, never once did I see my stepfather walk out because “he needed space or he needed to think” never EVER once did I see my mom disrespect him in any way, shape or form.

I’m so much older now and I see/hear people in whole relationship talking bout I/we need a break, I need to think, now, I’ve come to realize that relationships of old were, like ford “BUILT TOUGH”, they had the glue to keep it together comes what may, good times, bad times, tough times, tears and all but they STUCK IT OUT!!
I’m ALMOST 39 years old and the question that sticks with me is, if people are in a relationship or engaged and want to run or take a break every time things get rough HOWWWWW in the world will a marriage between them ever work?
Lately in my head I’ve come to see that being engaged is the new being married because it seems like NOBODY wants to get married anymore, nobody wants to stand before God and say I do and I mean I get it.

I remember a long time ago someone said to me “it’s just cheaper to keep her” because a divorce would just cost to much and be to much of a headache and take up to much time, not to long ago someone said to me that their fear was loosing the person simply because by loosing that person that would mean they would then know that they were completely rejected and understand that there was better than them out there, they would then understand that they could have/should have done better even though all along they chose not to.

It’s sad because it seems like often times, the only reason people hold on is out of selfishness and fear that the person they were with who they hurt or did wrong by actually ended up finding someone who treated them so much better OR didn’t find anyone at all because, well, “if I can’t have you then you can’t be with anyone else” right???

Here’s my thing…before entering into a relationship and dragging it out for years and then never marrying that person (I have seen this first hand) the female was devestated!. So before committing PLEASE be sure of what it is that you really want, otherwise leave that person be so to not waste their time or so that the next person who may indeed find them WORTHY of loving enough to marry can indeed be with them… let’s stop being selfish holding on to people… GOOOOOD PEOPLE because we know that they are good quality material but we are just to selfish to let go in fear of them meeting someone who will value them!….

In retrospect, let us Choose to do right or be the bigger person and let them go.

Get in trouble (good trouble.)

(An open letter to all children/teens/young adults)

It was civil rights activist and icon Mr. John Lewis who made the statement:

“Get in trouble, good trouble”

You are never to young to be the change, You CAN make a difference in this life.. It does not matter how old you are, where you come from, what your skin color is or. anything like that.

Someone said: “Be the change you want to see”.

Living in this day and age/in this time it is important that you all push towards and strive to achieve that change, whether it be by way of school or everyday life, it may feel like a struggle or a tussle from time to time but it’s a must that you all push for what you believe in.

Sometimes, I sit and I wonder what life will be like for my children when they get into their adult lives, I’m not afraid to say that I am afraid simply because I look around from day to day and pay attention to the society that they are growing up in now, my hearts prayer for them is that things will be better.

Being the change may mean standing alone at times but I want you to know that the things you stand for are important, don’t EVER let anyone tell you that they are not, don’t be afraid to push for a better tomorrow.

When I lived back home in NYC some years ago there was a sign that they had posted in the subways that said: “If you see something, say something”.

No matter your age it’s important that you not be afraid to speak up and speak out
though sometimes it may seem a bit scary.

When you see something that may seem off to you, Speak up,
When you see someone doing something that you know is just plain wrong, don’t be afraid, speak up.
If you have something to say and want your voice to be heard, Speak up!

John F. Kennedy said:

“One person can make a difference. and everyone should try”.

There will always be opposition, people will try and speak over you or silence you or try and find ways to keep you from speaking at all but make sure that you always speak up!!

You all have a voice… be sure to let it be heard.

Lastly. I need you to always stand your ground and never ever give up, so long as your alive you can always be of help or assistance. Know that It’s ok to be persistent regardless of what others say, think or feel, the change you want will come in due time if you continue on in following after it.

Don’t let fear lead you to feel powerless, what you do can and will in due time have an impact on others and those who will follow behind in the generations to come

Be that ripple effect… let it start with you.

I’m going to close out the way i opened..

Get in trouble, Good trouble.

Hannah and Haylee Smith (Story of Bravery)

Today’s real life story is about 2 sisters, Hannah and Haylee Smith who lifted a tractor off their fathers chest together and saved his life.


Hanna, 16, and Haylee 14 are superhumans. Their father was clearing his yard using a tractor. But during this task his foot slipped off the pedal and the tractor flipped and ended up on the father. Tractors weigh 1000s of kilos. In this case, it weighed 1400 kilos. Hanna and Hayley heard their father’s screams and ran to rescue him. They called 911 but they knew help would take some time to come.

So they did the next best thing – they picked the tractor up with team effort – all 3000 pounds of it and their dad lived.

Teaching our children about courage.

If ever there was a brave female character, it is rightly given to Mulan!. I like Mulan and the story line because she knew that had her father gone to war he would not have made it home and though she was scared she mustered up the determination and the courage to go to war knowing that as a female in an all male army had she been caught the penalty was dishonor to her family so she made it her point of duty to go to battle and do her best to fit in and though she got caught, in the end she ends up bringing honor to her home and to her people.

My 3 year old daughter has her moments, sometimes when it’s bedtime she may need to go to the bathroom, there are some nights when she’ll just get up and go but then there are other times when she insists that I go with her because she’s scared and I have to nudge and remind her that she’s my big girl, my little fearless warrior and she can do it.

Our children are growing up in a world that is full of competition, whether it be academics, sports, friendships, or relationships, they are often led to believe that it’s all about who is the smartest or the strongest or who has more witts.

It is important and imperative that we teach our children that one of the most powerful tools that they have on the inside that they can freely tap into is courage.

Kids may often think that courage is like doing something a dare-devil would do but the truth is that courage is doing that thing that’s absolutely frightening like being really shy and wanting to make friends but not having it in you to do so but then mustering up your everything and walking over to say hi, that is courage!

It’s about being brave enough in the moment and being able to push through their anxieties and fears to do that thing they know was/is really hard for them to do, that thing that afterwards will make them say hey, I did that and I’m proud of myself because I was able to overcome my fears.

Bravery can also be speaking up for the kid in school who is being bullied, letting them know that they are not alone, this kind of bravery can be very impactful in a child’s life.

So, how can we teach our children to be courageous?

A good way to teach a child to be brave is by teaching them to be themselves, that may sound like an easy thing to do but, there is so much peer pressure and then there are children who feel like they have a standard to live up to so they have to act like and be who they really do not want to be but courage is being able to just freely be themselves in spite of what others may think or say. It’s remaining steadfast and true to what is right and not giving in to the crowd or changing just to be recognized or for social media likes or likes in general or for personal gain.

Parents, we must make room for our children’s faults and short coming. It’s a must that we make room for their imperfections.

Kids are going to mess up along the way, it is their experiences that will lead to growth and how they handle other situations in life, when they fail (which they will) often more than once, their experiences will provide them with a road map and a gained sense of wisdom and knowledge.

So, remember to give space for growth, every child learns at a different pace so be sure to encourage them and show them that you are there with and for them every step of the way.

For those of us who have children who don’t yet know or understand what courage is, let’s take the time out to have a conversation with them about it and for those with children who may have forgotten, let’s gently nudge and remind them of what courage is really all about.

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Seasons greetings.

Happy holidays everyone.

Let me start by apologizing for not being able to be as active as I would have liked to this year, life really got the best of me.

I know that 2020 was a rough year for many of us but let me take the time to applaud each and eveyone of you for pushing your way through. Many of us have lost loved ones, family, friends, and acquaintances, Covid hit us hard but somehow through the madness, hurt, loss and pain of 2020 we managed to see it through.

My prayer is that each and everyone will have a much better 2021, I pray that the desires of your hearts will come to pass, I pray that you will write more, express more, lean in to your loved ones more, and enjoy life all the more.

I am going to try my best to be more active and engaging with you guys and I’m going to start by posting an all new blog tomorrow morning at 7am 🙂 so be sure to look out for it especially if you have children, niece’s, nephews, grandchildren or God children because this blog is especially for you

So. I look forward to tomorrow. You all be blessed ❣

Life is precious

We turn on the news or the radio or pick up a magazine and often in the headlines we hear so much bad news about who got shot, or murdered or the ever so popular stories of babies being locked in hot cars because they were forgotten by their parents, all these stories that cause us to be upset and outraged, but, how many of us in the midst of all these stories stop and think man as crazy as all of it is, it goes to show how short and precious life is?

I often say “Every day that we wake up is a gift,” and the moments we share with friends, loved ones, our parents and children be cherished because those are moments we may never see again.

Sometimes we get so busy, so caught up in life that we don’t get to stop and smell the roses, we miss out on the little things or the moment’s that really make for great memories.

How many of us are guilty of saying things like: Once I’ve gotten through college then I can breathe? Or once I get into my career then I can relax? Or once I get the money for a new house/car then I can relax?

Our mental state is such a peculiar thing sometimes because we say once I do this or once I do that, but after its almost accomplished or once we have arrived then here goes our mind shooting off to it’s next destination meanwhile still missing all these life moments.

We don’t take the time to appreciate the present, instead we live in the fantasy of a future that might not even happen, these fantasies and future plans that could never bring us as much joy and happiness as stopping to see what’s right in front of us.

We should make it up in our minds to start living, like truly living and let life show us those magical moments, those unbelievable moments that we never would have or could have imagined.

Today I encourage you to let life just manifest itself, take several moments to look up and look out at the beauty of things, don’t let life and the special times just pass you by.

Life and every moment of it is indeed precious and I pray it brings complete happiness, unforgettable moments and fullness of joy.

The wolfman in the woods

The Wolfman in the woods

©️ 2020 Christina Stone
All rights reserved

Annabelle loved the autumn because she loved the cooler weather, she loved seeing the leaves fall from the trees, she enjoyed, seeing how the leaves change colors, she enjoyed playing in the piles of leaves that would make their way to the ground. 

When the weekends came Annabelle would go for walks in the woods, she enjoyed the enchantment and mystery of the woods, she loved listening to the wind blowing through the trees, sometimes she wondered if divinely the woods spoke to her, but, sometimes while on her walks Annabelle felt that she was not alone.

Often times while walking alone in the woods Annabelle felt as though she was being watched, it was as though she could feel him, as if the eyes that were staring at her were right there hiding in the bushes or behind a tree, she felt this stranger lurk at her while thinking that she was unaware. 

At night she would dream of this faceless man following her through her journeys in the woods, she felt as though she was the damsel in a book being followed by the wolf man with bad intentions knowing that those endings were never good, annabelle often found herself waking up in the middle of the night crying and afraid.

It has been weeks since she last saw this stranger, by now there is snow on the ground and there was a chill in the air, one day as she was again on her journey in the woods, out of the corner of her eyes she saw this shadowy figure, it looked like someone or something had moved between the bushes, she could hear the leaves moving, as she tried to stay calm she wondered if she was imagining things or if there really was someone there.

For the next few weeks Annabelle  promised herself that she would be extra careful while she was out in the woods, she told herself that she would stick to the main path, while there she tried to tell herself that she was safe.

The following weekend she returned, the stranger was there, it was indeed the wolfman waiting and watching her between the trees, his eyes were like stone and he was expressionless and cold, As she spots him she takes off screaming and running as fast as she could through the path back home from the woods, as she makes her way into the house her parents look at her in shock, she runs straight to her bedroom and shuts the door.

That night while asleep Annabelle again dreams of this wolf man, In her dream he had long claws that touched her hair and face, he grabed her by the hand and dragged her away to his underground layer that was crawling with every creäture that she feared.
Annabelle would again wake up out of her sleep screaming and afraid, her heart pounding, her mom would run into her room to hug and comfort her

When morning came Annabelle  begged her mom to let her stay home from school, though her mom knew that nothing was ultimately wrong she agreed to let Annabelle  stay home.

It is now a week later, the wolf man has shown his face in public, he is no longer just a shadowy figure that she envisioned, the wolf man is now a reality, It was like he came out of nowhere, like he was watching her and following her every step of the way all along way.

The wolf man is an old man, he is tall and slim with gray hair and grey eyes.
As he approached Annabelle  and her mom she became silent and uncomfortable, she did her best to stay calm and  mannerable inspite of how she was feeling. As the old man was standing there she found herself quiet and helpless though the old man smiled at her.

Soon after, the old man made a comment about the weather, he mumbled to her mom that she should be mindful with her garden because anything can remain buried and hidden for months during the winter season with the snow on the ground

By this time, the night was beginning to set in and Annabelle  was ready to go, as the old man and her mom were standing there she felt as if he had hidden motives, she felt as though he was a predator with secret thoughts and that made her shudder with fear, in her mind she wondered what the old man wanted and why he was here.

One evening as annabelle was out she was followed and kidnapped by the wolf man who is the old man, he became one with and blended in with the woods, he quietly followed her and captured her, annabelle knew that it was the wolfman, she now knew his true intentions, she saw him clearly with his hand in his pocket suddenly grab his knife out of his army fatigue jacket and start to stab her over and over again, the last thing she saw was her blood now all over the snow as she lay lifeless and dying on the ground.

darkness has taken over and everything is still.

As her body lay lifeless on the cold snowy ground, the wolf man hovers over her, her spirit now out of her body and watching as he waves the knife over her, she tries to tell him to stop but there is no sound

Tonight Annabelle will not return home, when her parents realize that she is missing they will go out searching for her but they will not find her or the wolf man or the knife because she is buried deep in the snow, she will watch them as the wolf man watched her and preyed on her, they will walk past the layer that hides her body and the bodies of the other dismantled dead girls who were taken captive and tortured and left by the long pale fingernails of the horrid wolf man


Writing prompt: express whatever is on your heart.

Ok so, for a while now, this has been on my mind but I never took the time to write it down, I hope this encourages someone.

2020 has been a hell of a year so far, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the world or atleast the majority of us had no clue what we would be facing this year, Covid-19 came and as each month came and went it was like one thing after another.
In this pandemic many lost family, friends and loved ones, many lost their jobs, their homes and struggled to feed their families, this year for many people has been like a horrible nightmare or a hellish rollercoaster ride that has yet to end, but, inspite of it all, with tears in our eyes, feeling burdened and stressed out I have seen and still see people pushing and fighting and pressing on, I know there are those who have cried silent tears, I know there are those who wanted to completely give up and it took everything and is still taking everything to find the strength to keep going, let me just let all of you know that I salute you and I am proud of you.

Your strength, perseverance and determination believe it or not is the reason why others are still in the fight.
I know you wanna lay down and stay down but please keep moving, keep going, keep riding out this storm, in due time the sun will shine, this madness of 2020 will come to an end and you will be able to look back at it and wonder how you made it over, you will look back at it and see the resilience that you never thought you had.
Please know that you are not alone, I am praying for you, I am rooting for you, I am here just to encourage your hearts, I may be one person but I’m that person that believes in you because I know that it’s in you to continue on. ❣❣❣